Kanye West and Donda West

Anonymous asked: Yo u a bitch


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Anonymous asked: what are some good books you would suggest?

I’ve posted the answer to this multiple times…. Check my blog.

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nickthedead asked: Good day gorgeous.


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Anonymous asked: Where do you order your hair from?


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Anonymous asked: when's your bday ?

June 15th.

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Anonymous asked: Have you found your passion in life?

not just one, multiple.

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Anonymous asked: my "best" friend of 6 years is just being really iffy. like we've had a rough past full of downs like I've always the one hurt more. but recently I did something messed up and I understand why she was mad but she told me basically I was dead to her. and that pissed me off cause of ALL the worse shit she's done to me I've been nothing but loyal. she has shown me again and again that she doesn't really care of our friendship and that bothers me. so I don't know what to do with our friendship.

when people show you the type of person they are, pay attention to it. if you’re the only one putting effort toward keeping a friendship/ relationship, it’s already failed. make room for more genuine, reliable people to surround yourself with.

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Anonymous asked: Are you in love?

With myself.

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Anonymous asked: what are your interests nowadays? are you a introvert more or extrovert? what are you reading and watching? how have you been for this month?

lol, this is a lot of questions compacted into one ask. my interests are about the same as they’ve always been. currently reading “love and misadventure” by lang leav. last movie i watched was oculus this past weekend (3.5/5). extrovert but i’ve been enjoying my alone time a lot more lately.. just focusing my energy on surrounding myself around more people who are on the same wavelength as i am.. so in other words, im great.

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